New Zealand Reports Trade Surplus in December

In December 2011, New Zealand reported a trade surplus equivalent to $338 million (7.8 percent of exports). This compares with an average deficit of 5.2 percent of exports over the previous five December months.

In December of 2011, merchandise exports were valued at $4.3 billion, up $491 million (13 percent) from December 2010.

Rise in exports for December 2011 led by milk powder, butter, and cheese Milk powder, butter, and cheese exports reached a record high in December 2011, up $329 million (32 percent) to $1.4 billion. This increase was led by exports of unsweetened whole milk powder, which also reached a new high, up $171 million (37 percent) with quantities up 30 percent.

In December 2011, imported goods were valued at $4.0 billion, down $65 million (1.6 percent) from December 2010., Statistics New Zealand
2/2/2012 2:29:02 PM