Brazil´s Unemployment Rate Rises To 5.8% In April

In April 2013, the unemployment rate was estimated in 5.8% for the group of the six metropolitan areas surveyed. Statistically, there was stability both in relation to March (5.7%) and to April last year (6.0%).
IBGE | Duarte Ricardo | 5/23/2013 1:51:32 PM
The unemployed population in April 2013 (1.414 million persons in the set of the six areas surveyed) did not post significant change, both in the monthly and in the annual comparison.

Likewise, the unemployed population (22.906 million persons) also remained virtually unchanged in the comparisons. The number of workers with a formal contract in the private sector (11.452 million persons) was statistically stable (0.1%) in relation to March last year and grew 3.1% in relation to April 2012, which is equivalent to extra 342 thousand jobs with a formal contract.

In April 2013, the real income usually earned of workers (R$ 1.862.40) kept virtually unchanged (-0.2%) over March and grew 1.6% in the comparison to April 2012.

The volume of the real average income usually earned of the employed (R$ 43.0 billion in April 2013), held steady (0.0) over last March and grew 2.4% in relation to April 2012.

The volume of effective real income of the employed persons (R$ 42.8 billion in March 2013) remained statistically stable (-0.1%) against February and grew 2.7% in relation to March 2012.

Brazil´s Unemployment Rate Rises To 5.8% In April