Brazil´s Unemployment Rate Up To 5.6% In February

In February 2013, the unemployment rate was estimated at 5.6% for the group of six metropolitan areas surveyed. The rate was considered statistically stable in relation to those of January (5.4%) and of February last year (5.7%).

The employed population (1.4 million persons in the group of six areas surveyed) remained stable in terms of both monthly and  annual comparison.

The employed population  (23.0 million) recorded decrease in relation to January (-0.7%) and increase of 1.6% over February last year, representing a total 362 thousand employed persons more in 12 months. The number of  workers with a formal employment contract signed in the private sector (11.5 million) was stable in relation to last January and increased 2.3% compared to that of February 2012, resulting in more than 254 thousand formal job posts in one year.  
In February 2013, the  average real income usually earned by workers (R$ 1,849.50) recorded increase of 1.2% over January and of 2.4% over February 2012. The  volume of real income usually earned  by the employed population (R$ 42.8 billion in February 2013) remained stable versus last January and increased by 4.2% over February 2012.  
The  average real income earned by the employed persons (R$ 42.6 billion  in January 2013
fell (-21.9%) in relation to that of December and increased 4.4% in relation to January 2012.

IBGE | Duarte Ricardo |
3/28/2013 1:03:26 PM