Brazil GDP Grows 0.4% in Q4

Brazil GDP at market prices relative to the fourth quarter of last year grew by 0.3%, in the seasonally-adjusted series, compared with the figure in third quarter. Agriculture (0.9%) and services (0.6%) recorded increase, whereas industry (-0.5%) fell.

In comparison with the fourth quarter of 2010, GDP grew by 1.4%, value added at basic prices, by 1.2%, and excise tax, by 2.0%.  Among the economic activities,there was increase in agriculture (8.4%) and services (1.4%), versus decrease in industry (-0.4%).

The comparison between 2011 and 2010 figures shows GDP grew by 2.7%, as a result of the increases observed in value added (2.5%) and taxes (4.3%).  In this comparison, agriculture (3.9%), services (2.7%) and industry (1.6%) recorded increase.  According to data presented in the National Accounts, GDP at current prices reached R$ 4,142 trillion in 2011.  GDP per capita was R$ 21,252, with a hike of 1.8%, in terms of volume, over the 2010 figure.

Brazil GDP Grows 0.4% in Q4, Bloomberg
3/6/2012 5:58:05 PM