Brazil´s Unemployment Rate Up to 5.4 % in January

After three months of continued decline, Brazil’s jobless rate rose to 5.4 percent in January of 2013.

The unemployment rate rose 0.8 percentage points, to 5.4 percent, from the 4.6 percent registered in the previous month and declined 0.1 percentage points from 5.5 percent registered in January 2012. Nevertheless, the rate reached the lowest value for the month of January since the beginning of the series.

The unemployed population in January of 2013 (1.3 million persons) rose by 1.2 percent in comparison with the previous month (1.1 million persons). In a year over year basis, the number of unemployed persons rose 2.8 percent, which represented an increase of 631 thousand.

Moreover, the largest increases were in the region of São Paulo from 5.2 percent in December to 6.4 percent in January and in the region of Belo Horizonte from 3.5 percent in December to 4.2 percent in January.


Brazil´s Unemployment Rate Up to 5.4 % in January

Duarte Ricardo |
2/26/2013 1:11:53 PM