Australia Reports Trade Deficit in February

In seasonally adjusted terms Australia recorded a trade deficit of $205m in February 2011, a turnaround of $1,638m on the revised surplus in January 2011.

In seasonally adjusted terms, exports of goods and services fell $554m (2%) to $22,843m.

Services credits rose $112m (3%). Non-monetary gold fell $688m (45%).

Non-rural goods fell $253m (2%). The main component contributing to the fall in the seasonally adjusted estimates was metal ores and minerals, down $543m (8%).

Rural goods rose $275m (12%) and net exports of goods under merchanting remained steady. The main components contributing to the rise in the seasonally adjusted estimates were: meat and meat preparations, up $132m (26%), other rural, up $68m (7%), cereal grains and cereal preparations, up $38m (6%).

In seasonally adjusted terms, imports of goods and services rose $1,084m (5%) to $23,048m.

Intermediate and other merchandise goods rose $854m (12%), capital goods rose $92m (2%), non-monetary gold rose $53m (19%) and consumption goods rose $11m. Services debits rose $75m (2%)

Australia Reports Trade Deficit in February, Australian Bureau of Statistics
4/5/2011 10:27:43 AM