Government Budget Value | Europe

Albania 101.00 Aug/17
Austria -3682.00 Aug/17
Belarus 710673.00 Aug/17
Belgium -11053.00 Dec/16
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1095.00 Dec/16
Bulgaria 224.83 Aug/17
Croatia 93.80 Jul/17
Cyprus -138.40 Jun/17
Czech Republic 1765.86 Sep/17
Denmark 2590.00 Dec/16
Estonia 15.80 Jul/17
Finland 307.60 Aug/17
France -93.00 Aug/17
Germany 9.83 Mar/17
Greece 80.50 Aug/17
Hungary -256.40 Sep/17
Iceland 12.90 Jun/17
Ireland 1170.00 Jun/17
Italy 17.35 Aug/17
Kosovo 14.60 Dec/16
Latvia 63059455.00 Aug/17
Lithuania 36.80 Sep/17
Luxembourg 844.80 Dec/16
Macedonia -82.00 Aug/17
Malta 136080.00 Aug/17
Moldova -2733.20 Dec/15
Montenegro -103311248.08 Jun/17
Netherlands -2.80 Jun/17
Norway -13052.00 Jun/17
Poland 4884.40 Aug/17
Portugal -5069.00 Jul/17
Romania -15326.10 Aug/17
Russia -300.62 Sep/17
Slovakia -1087.84 Sep/17
Slovenia 1.00 Aug/17
Spain -21502.00 Aug/17
Sweden 39068.00 Aug/17
Switzerland 1323.00 Dec/17
Turkey -0.87 Aug/17
Ukraine -38470.31 Aug/17
United Kingdom -1740.00 Aug/17

The government budget balance is the difference between government revenues and expenses. The budget is balanced when outlays equal to receipts, the country reports budget surplus when revenues are higher than expenses and deficit when expenses exceed the revenues. This page provides values for Government Budget Value reported in several countries part of Europe. The table has current values for Government Budget Value, previous releases, historical highs and record lows, release frequency, reported unit and currency plus links to historical data charts.