Disposable Personal Income

Australia 288116.00 Dec/16
Azerbaijan 37948.30 Dec/15
Bangladesh 52321.01 Dec/15
Belgium 83454.20 Dec/16
Cambodia 1141.00 Dec/13
Canada 1190700.00 Dec/16
China 33616.00 Dec/16
Denmark 1031205.11 Dec/15
Euro Area 1674881.00 Dec/16
France 347056.00 Dec/16
Germany 475.41 Mar/17
Iceland 3356.10 Dec/15
India 154965120.00 Dec/16
Ireland 195169.00 Dec/15
Italy 282338.00 Dec/16
Japan 363.02 Mar/17
Kenya 5661.19 Dec/14
Macau 41423.00 Dec/12
Netherlands 309260.00 Dec/16
Nigeria 17054468.00 Jun/16
Norway 347777.00 Dec/16
Portugal 38681.70 Dec/16
Russia -2.50 Mar/17
Slovakia 13234.00 Dec/16
South Africa 2626536.00 Dec/16
South Korea 1632613.90 Dec/16
Spain 219955.00 Dec/16
Sweden 492622.00 Dec/16
Taiwan 8092100.00 Dec/15
Thailand 7550115.40 Dec/15
United Kingdom 309295.00 Dec/16
United States 14428.50 Mar/17

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