Country Last Previous
United States 1.00 Dec/18
Canada 12.00 Dec/18
Chile 33.00 Dec/18
Mexico 46.00 Dec/18
Uruguay 53.00 Dec/18
Costa Rica 55.00 Dec/18
Colombia 60.00 Dec/18
Peru 63.00 Dec/18
Panama 64.00 Dec/18
Barbados 72.00 Dec/17
Brazil 72.00 Dec/18
Trinidad and Tobago 78.00 Dec/18
Jamaica 79.00 Dec/18
Argentina 81.00 Dec/18
Dominican Republic 82.00 Dec/18
Ecuador 86.00 Dec/18
Paraguay 95.00 Dec/18
Guatemala 96.00 Dec/18
El Salvador 98.00 Dec/18
Honduras 101.00 Dec/18
Nicaragua 104.00 Dec/18
Bolivia 105.00 Dec/18
Venezuela 127.00 Dec/18
Haiti 138.00 Dec/18

The most recent 2018 edition of Global Competitiveness Report assesses 140 economies. In 2018, the World Economic Forum introduced a new methodology emphasizing the role of human capital, innovation, resilience and agility, as not only drivers but also defining features of economic success in the 4th Industrial Revolution. As a result, the GCI scale changed to 1 to 100 from 1 to 7, with higher average score meaning higher degree of competitiveness. The report is made up of 98 variables organized into twelve pillars with the most important including: institutions; infrastructure; ICT adoption; macroeconomic stability; health; skills; product market; labour market; financial system; market size; business dynamism; and innovation capability.