Turkey Inflation Rate at 6.37% in November

The Turkish National Statistics Office reported a rise in the Consumer Price Index on month-to-month basis by 0.38%, on December of the previous year by 5.76%, on same month of the previous year by 6.37%, on the twelve months moving averages basis by 9,26%.

In November 2012 within average prices of 444 items in the index, average prices of 66 items remained unchanged while average prices of 252 items increased and average prices of 126 items decreased.

The highest monthly increase was 6.28% in the index for clothing and footwear by main expenditure groups. The indexes rose for hotels, cafes and restaurants 0.67%, for housing 0.56%, for furnishings and household equipment 0,21%, for communication 0.10%, for education 0.07%, for miscellaneous goods and services 0.04%, for alcoholic beverages and tobacco 0.01%, while the indices declined for health 0.05%, for food and non-alcoholic beverages 0.12%, for recreation and culture 0.32% and for transportation 0.97%. 

Turkstat | Nuno Fontes | nuno@tradingeconomics.com
12/14/2012 5:09:21 PM