Mexican Unemployment Rate at 5.04% in October

The unemployment rate in Mexico increased slightly from 5.01% in the last month to 5.04% in October of 2012 according to a release by the National Statistics Institute.

In Mexico, the unemployment rate in October of 2012 reported at 5.04% of the economically active population, was similar to the 5.0% value recorded in October of 2011. The seasonally adjusted data show an unemployment rate of 4.83%.

The participation rate, which is percentage of economically active persons in the population, for individuals 14 years of age and over was reported at 59.22% which is a decrease from the 59.79% rate recorded in October 2011.

The unemployment rate among men decreased from 5.08% in October 2011 to 4.98% in October 2012. Among women it increased from 4.88% to 5.14% during the same period.


Mexican Unemployment Rate at 5.04% in October

INEGI | Nuno Fontes |
12/14/2012 1:43:28 PM