Country Last Previous
Algeria 529164.90 Dec/17
Angola 3812.80 Dec/17
Botswana 19729.30 Dec/18
Burkina Faso 799.40 Dec/17
Cameroon 463.30 Mar/19
Cape Verde 7737.48 Mar/19
Egypt 101.00 Mar/19
Ghana 27096.76 Dec/18
Ivory Coast 2264800000.00 Dec/16
Kenya 677726.60 Dec/18
Malawi 134737.90 Dec/17
Mauritius 18231.00 Mar/19
Morocco 210014.00 Dec/18
Mozambique 186191.20 Dec/18
Namibia 27927.00 Dec/18
Nigeria 842195.49 Jun/18
Rwanda 400.00 Jun/19
Seychelles 1283.00 Mar/19
South Africa 651189.00 Jun/19
South Sudan 8381.30 Dec/16
Tunisia 20119.10 Dec/17
Uganda 4061.31 Dec/17

Government Spending refers to public expenditure on goods and services and is a major component of the GDP. Government spending policies like setting up budget targets, adjusting taxation, increasing public expenditure and public works are very effective tools in influencing economic growth. This page provides values for Government Spending reported in several countries part of Africa. The table has current values for Government Spending, previous releases, historical highs and record lows, release frequency, reported unit and currency plus links to historical data charts.