Malaysia’s GDP Expands 2.9 percent in Q4

The Malaysian economy grew 2.9 percent (non-seasonally adjusted) from October to December of 2012 over the previous quarter.

On the supply side, mining and quarrying as well as services were the main drivers of growth, expanding by 9.3 and 3.4 percent respectively. Manufacturing expanded 3.2 percent, and construction grew by 1.9 percent. Agriculture contracted 5 percent over the previous quarter. 

On the demand side, government final consumption registered a growth of 48 percent over the previous quarter, while private consumption declined 2.7 percent. Moreover, gross fixed capital formation expanded by 1.7 percent.
As for the external sector, exports increased by 3 percent while imports contracted 0.5 percent quarter-over-quarter.
On the year over year basis, the GDP expanded at a faster than expected pace of 6.4 percent as compared to 5.3 percent in the preceding quarter.

Malaysia’s GDP Expands 2.9 percent in Q4
2/20/2013 11:30:34 AM