Pakistan Trade Deficit Worsens in December

Pakistan has registered a trade deficit of 165.5bn Rupees in December, compared to 164.2bn Rupees in the previous month

According to the provisional figures compiled by the  Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, exports from Pakistan during December, 2012 amounted to Rs. 191,408 million (provisional) as against Rs. 181,961 million (provisional) in  November,  2012 and Rs.165,652 million during  December,  2011 showing an increase of 5.19% over November,2012 and of  15.55% over December, 2011.

Imports into Pakistan during December, 2012 amounted to Rs.356,899 million (provisional) as against Rs. 346,229 million (provisional) in November, 2012 and Rs.380,672 million during December, 2011 showing an increase of  3.08% over November, 2012 but a decrease of 6.25% over December, 2011.
Based on the provisional figures of imports and exports the balance of trade in December,  2012 was (-) 165,491 million in terms of Rupees and  (-) 1,703 million in US dollars. The balance of trade figures cumulative from July - December, 2012 were (-) 941,274 million in terms of Rupees and (-) 9,871 million in US dollars.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics | Nuno Salva |
1/25/2013 10:55:13 AM