Netherlands' Unemployment Rate Up to 8.2% in April

Unemployment rose further in the Netherlands in March, to 8.2 percent. According to figures released by Statistics Netherlands, seasonally adjusted unemployment rose by 7 thousand in April, to 650 thousand people.

The monthly increase over the last three months averaged 19 thousand and was strongest in men. On average, 13 thousand men became unemployed each month. Female unemployment grew by nearly 7 thousand each month.
With 380 thousand, the number of current WW benefits hardly changed in April relative to March. The amount of benefits granted to under-25s declined by 4 percent, but the number of recipients in the over-55 age bracket increased by 1.4 percent in April compared to March. 
Just as in March, the number of benefits declined notably in sectors sensitive to seasonal variation, like agriculture (-11 percent) and construction (-7 percent). The amount of benefits increased further in the sectors trade, health care, manufacturing industry and transport/storage.
More than 45 thousand new unemployment benefits were granted in April and nearly 46 thousand were terminated; 23 thousand benefits were terminated due to resumption of work, i.e. 5 percent more than in March and 13 percent more than in April last year.


CBS | Nuno Fontes |
5/15/2013 2:13:01 PM