A Look to European Stimulus Plans

Since the beginning of the global financial crisis, European governments have been criticized for falling short of implementing a coordinated fiscal stimulus. However, although European countries have been slow in applying the stimulus packages, they haven’t stayed much behind the United States.

Indeed, we can’t forget that Europe is a group of small open economies with automatic stabilizers playing a more important role than they do in the US. For instance, Germany and Spain have announced a fiscal stimulus of respectively 2.9% and 4.6% of their GDP. In addition, even though other European countries plans are often less than 1.5 percentage points of the GDP, they are focused on both 2009 and 2010.

European Stimulus Plans
Stimulus (bn)
Stimulus % of GDP
Fiscal forecast
Debt (% of GDP)

Anna Fedec, contact@tradingeconomics.com
7/5/2009 12:29:34 PM

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