Jan/01 New Year’s Day
Apr/02 Good Friday
Apr/05 Easter Monday
May/01 Labor Day
May/08 Victory in Europe Day
Jul/05 Saints Cyril and Methodius
Jul/06 Jan Hus Day
Sep/28 St. Wenceslas Day
Oct/28 Independent Czechoslovak State Day
Nov/17 Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
Dec/24 Christmas Eve
Dec/25 Christmas Day
Dec/26 Saint Stephen's Day
Jan/03 New Year’s Day
Apr/17 Good Friday
Apr/20 Easter Monday
May/03 Labor Day
May/10 Victory in Europe Day
Jul/07 Saints Cyril and Methodius
Jul/08 Jan Hus Day
Sep/30 St. Wenceslas Day
Oct/30 Independent Czechoslovak State Day
Nov/19 Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day