Jan/01 New Year’s Day
Jan/11 Epiphany
Mar/22 Saint Joseph's Day
Apr/01 Maundy Thursday
Apr/02 Good Friday
May/01 Labor Day
May/17 Ascension Day
Jun/07 Corpus Christi
Jun/14 Sacred Heart
Jul/05 Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
Jul/20 Independence Day
Aug/07 Battle of Boyaca Day
Aug/16 Assumption of Mary
Oct/18 Columbus Day
Nov/01 All Saints Day
Nov/15 Independence of Cartagena
Dec/08 Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Dec/25 Christmas Day
Jan/03 New Year’s Day
Jan/12 Epiphany
Mar/23 Saint Joseph’s Day
Apr/16 Maundy Thursday
Apr/17 Good Friday
May/03 Labor Day
May/28 Ascension Day
Jun/18 Corpus Christi
Jun/29 Sacred Heart
Jul/01 Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
Jul/22 Independence Day
Aug/09 Battle of Boyaca Day
Aug/17 Assumption of Mary
Oct/19 Columbus Day
Nov/03 All Saints’ Day
Nov/13 Independence of Cartagena