Egypt - Economic Indicators

Overview Last Reference
Unemployment Rate 11.3 % Dec/17
Inflation Rate 13.3 % Mar/18
Interest Rate 16.75 % Mar/18
Balance of Trade -3626 USD Million Jan/18
Government Debt to GDP 101 % Dec/17

Markets Last Reference
Currency 17.72 Apr/18
Stock Market 17788 points Apr/18
GDP Last Reference
GDP Annual Growth Rate 5.3 % Dec/17
GDP 336 USD Billion Dec/16
GDP Constant Prices 885504 EGP Million Dec/17
GDP per capita 2724 USD Dec/16
GDP per capita PPP 10319 USD Dec/16
GDP From Agriculture 88706 EGP Million Dec/17
GDP From Construction 54931 EGP Million Dec/17
GDP From Manufacturing 160670 EGP Million Dec/17
GDP From Mining 82517 EGP Million Dec/17
GDP From Transport 37907 EGP Million Dec/17
Labour Last Reference
Unemployment Rate 11.3 % Dec/17
Unemployed Persons 3309 Thousand Dec/17
Minimum Wages 1200 EGP/Month Jan/17
Population 92.8 Million Dec/16
Employed Persons 25963 Thousand Dec/17
Living Wage Family 2580 EGP/Month Dec/17
Living Wage Individual 1110 EGP/Month Dec/17
Wages High Skilled 3500 EGP/Month Dec/17
Wages Low Skilled 2160 EGP/Month Dec/17
Prices Last Reference
Inflation Rate 13.3 % Mar/18
Inflation Rate Mom 0.3 % Feb/18
Consumer Price Index CPI 261 Index Points Mar/18
Core Consumer Prices 240 Index Points Mar/18
Core Inflation Rate 11.59 % Mar/18
Food Inflation 11.86 % Mar/18
CPI Housing Utilities 156 Index Points Mar/18
CPI Transportation 206 Index Points Mar/18
Producer Prices 182 Index Points Feb/18
Producer Prices Change 24.8 % Feb/18
Money Last Reference
Interest Rate 16.75 % Mar/18
Money Supply M0 677735 EGP Million Mar/18
Money Supply M1 743810 EGP Million Feb/18
Money Supply M2 3295184 EGP Million Feb/18
Banks Balance Sheet 4420860 EGP Million Jun/17
Foreign Exchange Reserves 42611 USD Million Mar/18
Loans to Private Sector 749757 EGP Million Feb/18
Deposit Interest Rate 7.86 % Dec/16
Central Bank Balance Sheet 4813343 EGP Million Dec/17
Lending Rate 18.75 % Apr/18
Trade Last Reference
Balance of Trade -3626 USD Million Jan/18
Exports 2146 USD Million Jan/18
Imports 5773 USD Million Jan/18
Current Account -1785 USD Million Dec/17
Current Account to GDP -5.9 % Dec/16
External Debt 80832 USD Million Sep/17
Capital Flows 4180 USD Million Dec/17
Foreign Direct Investment 2950 USD Million Sep/17
Remittances 5974 USD Million Sep/17
Tourism Revenues 7.6 USD Billion Dec/17
Tourist Arrivals 793 Thousand Dec/17
Gold Reserves 76.4 Tonnes Mar/18
Crude Oil Production 588 BBL/D/1K Dec/17
Terrorism Index 7.17 Dec/16
Government Last Reference
Government Debt to GDP 101 % Dec/17
Government Budget -9.8 % of GDP Dec/16
Government Budget Value -267551 Million EGP Jun/15
Government Spending 86 EGP Billion Dec/17
Government Revenues 538378 Million EGP Jun/15
Fiscal Expenditure 886774 Million EGP Jun/15
Credit Rating 27.5
Military Expenditure 5357 USD Million Dec/16
Business Last Reference
Manufacturing PMI 49.2 Mar/18
Industrial Production 11.1 % Jan/18
Industrial Production Mom 9.3 % Jan/18
Manufacturing Production 52.3 % Jun/17
Changes in Inventories 7 EGP Billion Dec/16
Internet Speed 1978 KBps Mar/17
IP Addresses 4504838 IP Mar/17
Competitiveness Index 3.9 Points Dec/18
Competitiveness Rank 100 Dec/18
Corruption Index 32 Points Dec/17
Corruption Rank 117 Dec/17
Ease of Doing Business 128 Dec/17
Steel Production 583 Thousand Tonnes Feb/18
Consumer Last Reference
Consumer Spending 990 EGP Billion Dec/17
Bank Lending Rate 19.7 % Feb/18
Consumer Confidence 64 Index Points Dec/16
Consumer Credit 268837 EGP Million Feb/18
Taxes Last Reference
Corporate Tax Rate 22.5 % Dec/18
Personal Income Tax Rate 22.5 % Dec/18
Sales Tax Rate 14 % Dec/18
Social Security Rate 40 % Dec/18
Social Security Rate For Companies 26 % Dec/18
Social Security Rate For Employees 14 % Dec/18
Climate Last Reference
Precipitation 3.78 mm Dec/15
Temperature 13.83 celsius Dec/15



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