Sao Tome and Principe - Economic Indicators

Markets Last Reference
Currency 21155 Jun/18
GDP Last Reference
GDP Annual Growth Rate 5 % Dec/17
GDP 0.35 USD Billion Dec/16
GDP per capita 1280 USD Dec/16
GDP per capita PPP 2993 USD Dec/16
Labour Last Reference
Unemployment Rate 13.6 % Dec/16
Population 0.2 Million Dec/16
Prices Last Reference
Inflation Rate 6.6 % Apr/18
Consumer Price Index Cpi 116 Index Points Apr/18
Inflation Rate Mom 0.5 % Apr/18
Money Last Reference
Interest Rate 9 % May/18
Money Supply M0 1535 STD Million Apr/18
Deposit Interest Rate 4.1 % Dec/16
Foreign Exchange Reserves 145 STD Million Apr/18
Money Supply M1 1607 STD Million Apr/18
Money Supply M2 1991 STD Million Apr/18
Money Supply M3 2708 STD Million Apr/18
Trade Last Reference
Balance of Trade -31.12 USD Million Mar/18
Exports 0.93 USD Million Mar/18
Imports 32.05 USD Million Mar/18
Current Account -73.15 USD Million Dec/17
Current Account to GDP -24.7 % Dec/15
Government Last Reference
Government Debt to GDP 87.5 % Dec/17
Government Budget -2.1 % of GDP Dec/17
Credit Rating 15
Business Last Reference
Internet Speed 2687 KBps Mar/17
IP Addresses 2079 IP Mar/17
Corruption Index 46 Points Dec/17
Corruption Rank 64 Dec/17
Ease of Doing Business 169 Dec/17
Consumer Last Reference
Private Sector Credit 2004 STD Million Apr/18
Climate Last Reference
Temperature 25.06 celsius Aug/13



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