GDP Last Reference
GDP Growth Rate (%) -8.4 Mar/21
GDP Annual Growth Rate (%) -8.4 Mar/21
GDP (USD Billion) 1.76 Dec/20
GDP Per Capita Ppp (USD) 6120 Dec/20
GDP Constant Prices (BZD Million) 660 Mar/21
GDP From Agriculture (BZD Million) 72.2 Mar/21
GDP From Construction (BZD Million) 28.78 Mar/21
GDP From Manufacturing (BZD Million) 46.98 Mar/21
GDP From Public Administration (BZD Million) 86.27 Mar/21
GDP From Services (BZD Million) 125 Mar/21
GDP From Transport (BZD Million) 54.3 Mar/21
GDP From Utilities (BZD Million) 27.9 Mar/21
GDP per capita (USD) 3583 Dec/20

Labour Last Reference
Unemployment Rate (%) 13.7 Dec/20
Employed Persons (Thousand) 146 Dec/20
Unemployed Persons (Thousand ) 19.85 Sep/19
Population (Million) 0.42 Dec/20

Health Last Reference
Coronavirus Vaccination Rate (doses per 100 people) 44.2 Jul/21
Coronavirus Vaccination Total (doses) 175735 Jul/21
Coronavirus Cases (Persons) 14069 Jul/21
Coronavirus Deaths (Persons) 337 Jul/21
Coronavirus Recovered (Persons) 12648 Jul/21

Prices Last Reference
Inflation Rate (%) 3 Jun/21
Consumer Price Index CPI (points) 104 Jun/21
Cpi Housing Utilities (points) 101 May/21
Cpi Transportation (points) 113 May/21
Food Inflation (%) 3.8 Jun/21
Inflation Rate Mom (%) 0.4 Jun/21

Money Last Reference
Interest Rate (%) 2.3 Jun/21
Money Supply M0 (USD Million) 491 May/21
Money Supply M1 (USD Million) 2164 May/21
Money Supply M2 (USD Million) 3811 May/21
Foreign Exchange Reserves (USD Million) 348 Dec/20
Loans to Private Sector (USD Million) 1725 Dec/20
Deposit Interest Rate (%) 2.18 Dec/20
Banks Balance Sheet (USD Million) 4113502 May/21
Central Bank Balance Sheet (USD Million) 1366586 May/21

Trade Last Reference
Balance of Trade (BZ $ Million) -161 Jun/21
Current Account (BZE$ Million) -93.9 Mar/21
Current Account to GDP (% of GDP) -7.5 Dec/20
Exports (BZ $ Million) 28.2 Jun/21
Imports (BZ $ Million) 189 Jun/21
External Debt (USD Million) 1446 Dec/20
Remittances (USD Million) 188 Dec/20
Crude Oil Production (BBL/D/1K) 2 Mar/21
Tourist Arrivals 441586 Dec/20

Government Last Reference
Government Debt to GDP (% of GDP) 84.8 Dec/20
Government Budget (% of GDP) -10.7 Dec/20
Government Budget Value (USD Million) -367 Dec/20
Government Spending (USD Million) 1338 Dec/20
Government Revenues (USD Million) 926 Dec/20
Fiscal Expenditure (USD Million) 993 Dec/20
Credit Rating 9 Jul/21
Military Expenditure (USD Million) 24.3 Dec/20

Taxes Last Reference
Sales Tax Rate (%) 12.5 Dec/21

Business Last Reference
Internet Speed (KBps) 2276 Mar/17
IP Addresses (IP) 22700 Mar/17
Ease of Doing Business 135 Dec/19

Consumer Last Reference
Private Sector Credit (USD Million) 2237 Dec/20
Consumer Credit (USD Million) 553 Dec/20

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