Australia Australia Day
India Republic Day
Uganda Liberation Day
Egypt January 25 Revolution Day
Armenia National Army Day
China Spring Festival Eve
Taiwan Chinese New Year’s Eve
South Korea Seollal Holiday
Vietnam Vietnamese New Year’s Eve
Vietnam Vietnamese New Year
Taiwan Chinese New Year
Malaysia Federal Territory Day
Malaysia Chinese New Year
Philippines Chinese New Year
Rwanda National Heroes’ Day
Singapore Chinese New Year
China Chinese New Year
Brunei Chinese New Year
Hong Kong Chinese New Year
Indonesia Chinese New Year
Hong Kong Second Day of Chinese Lunar New Year
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
Singapore Second Day of Chinese Lunar New Year
Malaysia Chinese New Year
Vietnam Vietnamese New Year
Vietnam Vietnamese New Year
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
Hong Kong Third and Fourth day of Chinese New Year
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
Angola Liberation Day
Sri Lanka National Day
Vietnam Vietnamese New Year
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
Burundi Unity Day
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
New Zealand Waitangi Day (substitute day)
Qatar National Sports Day
Slovenia Culture Day
Lebanon Saint Maroun Day
Malta Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck
Japan National Foundation Day
Cameroon Youth Day
Lebanon Rafik Hariri Memorial Day
Serbia National Day
Serbia National Day
Sri Lanka Nawam Full Moon Poya Day
Uganda Archbishop Janani Luwum Memorial Day
Thailand Makha Bucha
Lithuania Day of Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania
United States Washington’s Birthday
Zimbabwe Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day
Russia Defense of the Fatherland Day
Japan The Emperor’s Birthday
Brunei National Day
Estonia Independence Day
Kuwait National Day
Kuwait Liberation Day
Ecuador Carnaval 1st Day
Brunei Israk and Mikraj
Bolivia Carnival
Argentina Carnival
Bosnia and Herzegovina Amended Independence Day
Oman The Prophet’s Ascension
Panama Carnival
Uruguay Carnival
Venezuela Carnival
Taiwan 228 Peace Memorial Day
Brazil Carnival - 1st Day
Brazil Carnival - 2nd Day
Bolivia Shrove Tuesday
Ecuador Carnaval 2nd Day
Panama Shrove Tuesday
Sri Lanka Mahasivarathri Day
South Korea Liberation Day
India Mahashivratri
Argentina Carnival
Angola Carnival
Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day
Kuwait The Prophet’s Ascension
Indonesia Isra and Mi’raj
Venezuela Carnival 2nd Day
Indonesia Bali’s Day of Silence and Hindu New Year
Georgia Mother’s Day
Bulgaria Liberation Day
Russia International Women’s Day
Qatar Bank Holiday
Cyprus Green Monday
Greece Ash Monday
Kazakhstan International Women’s Day
Georgia International Women’s Day
Cambodia International Women’s Day
Belarus International Women’s Day
Azerbaijan International Women’s Day
Angola International Women’s Day
Armenia International Women’s Day
Moldova International Women’s Day
Kazakhstan International Women’s Day
Tajikistan International Women’s Day
Uganda International Women’s Day
Turkmenistan International Women’s Day
Ukraine International Women’s Day
Uzbekistan International Women’s Day
Zambia International Women’s Day
Lithuania Restoration of Independence
Hungary 1848 Revolution Day
Albania Summer Day
Israel Purim
Sri Lanka Medin Full Moon Poya Day
India Holi
Israel Shushan Purim
Malta Saint Joseph’s Day
Tunisia Independence Day
Tajikistan Norooz
Turkmenistan Spring Holiday
South Africa Human Rights Day
Mexico Birth of Benito Juárez
Namibia Independence Day
Kazakhstan Nauryz Meyrami
Japan Vernal Equinox Day
Azerbaijan Nowruz/Spring Holiday
Colombia Saint Joseph’s Day
Uzbekistan Norooz
Turkmenistan Spring Holiday
Albania Norooz
Kazakhstan Nauryz Meyrami
Azerbaijan Nowruz/Spring Holiday
Tajikistan Norooz Holiday
Azerbaijan Nowruz/Spring Holiday
Kazakhstan Nauryz Meyrami
Angola Southern Africa Liberation Day
Tajikistan Norooz Holiday
Tajikistan Norooz Holiday
Argentina Memorial Day
Azerbaijan Nowruz/Spring Holiday
Azerbaijan Nowruz/Spring Holiday
Cyprus Greek Independence Day
Lebanon Feast of the Annunciation
Greece National Holiday
Malta Freedom Day
India Bank Holiday - Annual Accounts Closing
Cyprus Greek Cypriot Day
China Qingming Festival
China Qingming Festival
Angola Angolan Peace Day
Brunei Ramadan Start
Senegal Independence Day
Taiwan International Children’s Day
Taiwan Tomb Sweeping Day
China Qingming Festival
Hong Kong Ching Ming Festival
Burundi President Ntaryamira Day
Thailand Chakri Day
Tanzania Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume Day
Rwanda Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day
Philippines The Day of Valor
Tunisia Martyrs’ Day
Georgia Goergia’s Independence Restoration Day
Costa Rica Juan Santamaria Day
Vietnam Vietnamese Kings’ Commemoration Day
Thailand Songkran Festival
Sri Lanka Day Prior to Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day
Sri Lanka Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day
Venezuela Maundy Thursday
Uruguay Maundy Thursday
Philippines Maundy Thursday
Portugal Maundy Thursday
Norway Maundy Thursday
Mexico Maundy Thursday
Argentina Maundy Thursday
India Mahavir Jayanti
Costa Rica Maundy Thursday
Colombia Maundy Thursday
Cambodia Cambodian New Year
Denmark Maundy Thursday
Iceland Maundy Thursday
Thailand Songkran Festival
Thailand Songkran Festival
France Good Friday
Zambia Good Friday
Zimbabwe Good Friday
Iceland Good Friday
Indonesia Good Friday
Lebanon Good Friday
Luxembourg Good Friday
Latvia Good Friday
Denmark Good Friday
Czech Republic Good Friday
Ecuador Good Friday
Estonia Good Friday
Euro Area Good Friday
Finland Good Friday
Greece Catholic Good Friday
Hong Kong Good Friday
Hungary Good Friday
Germany Good Friday
Bulgaria Good Friday
Brazil Good Friday
Colombia Good Friday
Cuba Good Friday
Cyprus Good Friday
Costa Rica Good Friday
Cameroon Good Friday
Canada Good Friday
Cape Verde Good Friday
Chile Good Friday
Botswana Good Friday
Barbados Good Friday
Belgium Good Friday
Bolivia Good Friday
Angola Good Friday
Argentina Good Friday
Australia Good Friday
India Good Friday
Italy Good Friday
Croatia Good Friday
Ireland Good Friday
Rwanda Good Friday
Singapore Good Friday
Slovakia Good Friday
Mexico Good Friday
Namibia Good Friday
Netherlands Good Friday
Malta Good Friday
Norway Good Friday
Nigeria Good Friday
New Zealand Good Friday
Portugal Good Friday
Panama Good Friday
Philippines Good Friday
Uruguay Good Friday
Venezuela Good Friday
United States Good Friday
United Kingdom Good Friday
Uganda Good Friday
Tanzania Good Friday
Sri Lanka Good Friday
Spain Good Friday
Sweden Good Friday
Switzerland Good Friday
Seychelles Good Friday
South Africa Good Friday
Sri Lanka Bak Full Moon Poya Day
Philippines Holy Saturday
Poland Easter
Lebanon Easter Monday
Luxembourg Easter Monday
Lithuania Easter Monday
Latvia Easter Monday
Ireland Easter Monday
Iceland Easter Monday
Italy Easter Monday
Germany Easter Monday
Hungary Easter Monday
Hong Kong Easter Monday
Greece Catholic Easter Monday
Finland Easter Monday
France Easter Monday
Euro Area Easter Monday
Estonia Easter Monday
Czech Republic Easter Monday
Denmark Easter Monday
Australia Easter Monday
Albania Easter Monday
Belgium Easter Monday
Barbados Easter Monday
Botswana Easter Monday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Easter Monday
Croatia Easter Monday
Austria Easter Monday
Poland Easter Monday
New Zealand Easter Monday
Nigeria Easter Monday
Norway Easter Monday
Malta Easter Monday
Netherlands Easter Monday
Namibia Easter Monday
Slovakia Easter Monday
Slovenia Easter Monday
Rwanda Easter Monday
Armenia Easter Monday
Senegal Easter Monday
Cyprus Easter Monday
Switzerland Easter Monday
Sweden Easter Monday
South Africa Family Day
Seychelles Easter Monday
Tanzania Easter Monday
Uganda Easter Monday
United Kingdom Easter Monday
Uruguay Landing of the 33 Patriots Day
Zimbabwe Independence Day
Zimbabwe Easter Monday
Spain Easter Monday
Zimbabwe Independence Day
Zambia Easter Monday
Venezuela Declaration of Independence
Malaysia Nuzul Al-Quran
Brunei Nuzul Al-Quran
Israel Eve of Pesach
Israel Pesach VII
Iceland First Day of Summer
Brazil Tiradentes’ Day
Lebanon Orthodox Good Friday
Greece Orthodox Good Friday
Georgia Orthodox Good Friday
Cyprus Orthodox Good Friday
Serbia Good Friday
Romania Orthodox Good Friday
Turkey National Sovereignty and Children’s Day
Romania Orthodox Easter
Egypt Coptic Easter Sunday
Armenia Armenian Remembrance Day
Australia ANZAC Day
Albania Orthodox Easter Monday
Bulgaria Orthodox Easter Monday
Cyprus Orthodox Easter Monday
Egypt Spring Festival
Egypt Sinai Liberation Day
Lebanon Orthodox Easter Monday
Italy Liberation Day
Romania Orthodox Easter Monday
Serbia Orthodox Easter Monday
Greece Orthodox Easter Monday
Moldova Orthodox Easter Monday
New Zealand ANZAC Day
Portugal Liberty Day
Ukraine Orthodox Easter Monday
Georgia Orthodox Easter Monday
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