Sunday August 19 2018
Uganda - Credit Rating at 32.50

Standard & Poor's credit rating for Uganda stands at B with stable outlook. Moody's credit rating for Uganda was last set at B2 with stable outlook. Fitch's credit rating for Uganda was last reported at B+ with stable outlook.

Friday August 17 2018
Uganda GDP Growth Rate at 1.10 percent

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Uganda expanded 1.10 percent in the first quarter of 2018 over the previous quarter.

Monday August 13 2018
Uganda Interest Rate at 9.00 percent

The Bank of Uganda left its benchmark interest rate unchanged at 9.0 percent at its August 2018 meeting, saying the decision is consistent given the objective of keeping inflation close to the 5 percent target and the need to contribute to attaining sustainable economic growth. Annual inflation rate rose to 3.1 percent in July from 2.2 percent in June, due to higher prices of oil. Policymakers mentioned that a weaker shilling exchange rate combined with higher cost of oil could elevated the inflation trajectory while food prices are expected to remain low and are not a major risk to the inflation outlook. Core inflation is projected to peak around 6-7 percent in the second half of FY 2018/19 but will stabilize around the medium-term target by the end of 2019. The Committee added that the economic activity continues to strengthen and it is expected to expand 6 percent in FY 2018/2019.

Monday August 06 2018
Uganda Exports at 296.33 USD Million

Exports in Uganda decreased to 296.33 USD Million in June from 321.58 USD Million in May of 2018.

Monday August 06 2018
Uganda Imports at 589.50 USD Million

Imports in Uganda increased to 589.50 USD Million in June from 548.60 USD Million in May of 2018.

Monday August 06 2018
Uganda Balance of Trade at -293.20 USD Million

Uganda recorded a trade deficit of 293.20 USD Million in June of 2018.

Monday August 06 2018
Uganda Business Confidence at 55.66 Index Points

The Business Tendency Index in Uganda fell to 55.66 in July of 2018 from a downwardly revised 55.75 in June. It was the reading since May last year, as managers' assessment deteriorated for present business situation (51.46 from 51.50 in June); order volumes with suppliers (53.79 from 54.77); business situation in 3 months (64.96 from 65.22); financial situation (48.77 from 49.06); competition (67.74 from 67.93); employment (48.99 from 49.25) and average selling prices (58.67 from 58.68). On the other hand, expectations for access to credit improved (36.93 from 36.52).

Saturday August 04 2018
Uganda Money Supply M1 at 9459.60 UGX Billion

Money Supply M1 in Uganda increased to 9459.60 UGX Billion in June from 9010.90 UGX Billion in May of 2018.

Saturday August 04 2018
Uganda Composite Index of Economic Activity MoM at 216.62 Index Points

Leading Economic Index in Uganda increased to 216.62 Index Points in June from 214.21 Index Points in May of 2018.

Saturday August 04 2018
Uganda Consumer Credit at 2339167.72 SHS Million

Consumer Credit in Uganda increased to 2339167.72 SHS Million in June from 2313128.30 SHS Million in May of 2018.