Tuesday May 22 2018
Honduras Inflation Expectations at 4.80 percent

Inflation Expectations in Honduras increased to 4.80 percent in April from 4.77 percent in March of 2018.

Sunday May 20 2018
Honduras - Credit Rating at 32.50

Standard & Poor's credit rating for Honduras stands at BB- with stable outlook. Moody's credit rating for Honduras was last set at B1 with stable outlook.

Saturday May 19 2018
Honduras Private Sector Credit at 226347.62 HNL Million

Private Sector Credit in Honduras increased to 226347.62 HNL Million in March from 225275.44 HNL Million in February of 2018.

Thursday May 17 2018
Honduras Economic Activity Index YoY Change at 1.70 percent

The economy of Honduras advanced 1.7 percent year-on-year in March 2018, slowing further from a 3.4 percent increase in the previous month. It was the weakest expansion since a 0.2 percent contraction was observed in May 2015. Output slowed mostly for: transport & warehousing (2.7 percent vs 4.4 percent in February); finance and insurance (4.4 percent vs 5.0 percent); communications (2.0 percent vs 3.9 percent) and utilities (6.5 percent vs 9.2 percent). Additionally, declines were seen in: agriculture, farming, forestry and fishing (-1.0 percent vs 1.0 percent); manufacturing (-0.1 percent vs 2.4 percent). In contrast, faster growth was recorded for mining & quarrying (10.1 percent vs 7.9 percent); construction (6.2 percent vs 5.5 percent); internal trade (4.7 percent vs 3.7 percent) and hotels & restaurants (7.5 percent vs 3.7 percent).

Thursday May 17 2018
Honduras Interest Rate at 5.50 percent

The benchmark interest rate in Honduras was last recorded at 5.50 percent.

Wednesday May 16 2018
Honduras Unemployment Rate at 6.70 percent

Unemployment Rate in Honduras decreased to 6.70 percent in 2017 from 7.40 percent in 2016.

Thursday May 10 2018
Honduras Cpi Housing Utilities at 361.50 Index Points

Cpi Housing Utilities in Honduras increased to 361.50 Index Points in April from 360.90 Index Points in March of 2018.

Thursday May 10 2018
Honduras CPI Transportation at 349.60 Index Points

The transportation sub-index of the CPI basket in Honduras increased to 349.60 Index Points in April of 2018 from 347.60 Index Points in March of 2018.

Thursday May 10 2018
Honduras Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 314.80 Index Points

Consumer Price Index CPI in Honduras increased to 314.80 Index Points in April from 314.10 Index Points in March of 2018.

Thursday May 10 2018
Honduras Food Inflation at 3.95 percent

Cost of food in Honduras increased 3.95 percent in April of 2018 over the same month in the previous year.