Corporate Profits After Tax1550.50001844.600017.5000 Bil. of $[+]
Corporate Profits After Tax with Inventory Valuation Adjustment (IVA) and Capital Consumption Adjustment (CCAdj)1506.00001642.70009.1000 Bil. of $[+]
Nonfinancial Corporate Business: Profits After Tax916.60001170.200012.8000 Bil. of $[+]
Taxes Payable - - Liabilities - Balance Sheet of Nonfarm Noncorporate Business124.0900124.09000.0000 Bil. of $[+]
Taxes Payables - Liabilities - Balance Sheet of Nonfarm Nonfinancial Corporate Business40.6900103.13008.8100 Bil. of $[+]
Personal current taxes2005.70002005.700040.2000 Bil. of $[+]

Taxes - United States

This page contains actual values, historical data, statistics for - Taxes - United States - as reported in the FRED database of the United States Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. 2018-04-22