This page has a list of countries by Vehicles (per km of road), according to officially-recognized international sources compiled by the World Bank. Vehicles per kilometer of road include cars, buses, and freight vehicles but do not include two-wheelers. Roads refer to motorways, highways, main or national roads, secondary or regional roads, and other roads. A motorway is a road specially designed and built for motor traffic that separates the traffic flowing in opposite directions.

  • Botswana
    7 km
  • Ghana
    6 km
  • India
    5 km
  • Kenya
    15.6 km
  • Sri Lanka
    13 km
  • Mauritius
    102 km
  • Malaysia
    83 km
  • Namibia
    5 km
  • Pakistan
    8 km
  • Philippines
    14 km
  • Saudi Arabia
    20 km