Inflation Rate Down to 2.5% in Italy

In November 2012, the national index of consumer prices including tobacco, recorded a decrease of 0.2% compared with last month and an increase of 2.5% compared with November 2011 (2.6% in October).

The slight slowdown in inflation, which follows a higher drop recorded in October, is mainly due to the slowdown in prices of non-regulated energy goods, which experienced a decrease of 2.1% compared with October and an annual increase of 11.6% from 15.0% in October.

Core inflation, calculated excluding energy and unprocessed food stabilized at 1.5%. Considering only energy prices, the increasing trend in the consumer price index slowed to 1.6% (1.7% in the previous month).
Compared with a year earlier, the growth rate of the price of goods went down to 2.9% from 3.4% in the previous month, and the price of services rises to 1.9% (1.7% in October). As a result, the inflation differential between goods and services is reduced from October. The prices of nondurable goods decrease by 0.1% on the previous month and the annual growth rate dropped significantly to 3.5%, from 4.0% in October.
The harmonized index of consumer prices recorded a decrease of 0.3% month-on-month and a growth of 2.6% when compared to November of 2011 (2.8% in October).

ISTAT | Nuno Fontes |
12/13/2012 9:26:20 AM