Tanzania Inflation Rate Falls to 6.2% in November

In November of 2013, Tanzanian inflation rate regained its downward trend and slowed to 6.2 percent, after accelerating to 6.3 percent in the previous month.

Cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages accelerated to an annual 7.2 percent (6.9 percent in October). The annual inflation rate for food consumed at home and away from home has increased to 7.6 percent in November, compared to 7.3 percent in October.

Prices of clothing and footwear slightly eased to 4.4 percent (4.6 percent in the previous month); prices of housing, water, electricity and gas rose 8.7 percent (9.0 percent in the preceding period) and transport cost slowed the most (8.6 percent from 9.3 percent). 

The monthly headline inflation rate remained unchanged at 0.6 percent in November, while annual inflation rate which excludes food and energy eased to 5.3 percent from 5.7 percent in October.

The purchasing power of 100 Tanzanian Shillings has decreased to TZS 70 and 31 cents in November of 2013 from September of 2010.  

Tanzania Inflation Rate Falls to 6.2% in November

Joana Taborda | joana.taborda@tradingeconomics.com
12/9/2013 1:51:13 PM