Italy’s Trade Surplus Widens in September

In September, Italian trade surplus amounted to €794 million, up from €409.69 million a year earlier, but down from €1074 million in the previous month.

Compared with the same month of the previous year, shipments increased by 2 percent, 2.4 percent for EU countries and 1.5 percent for non EU countries, while inflows slightly decreased by 0.7 percent, mainly due to a drop in purchases from non EU countries (-6.3 percent). The trade balance for the period January to September amounted to €19.6 billion (€8.3 billion for EU and €11.3 billion for non EU countries).

In seasonally-adjusted data, compared to August 2013 both exports and imports increased by 0.6 percent and 1.9 percent respectively. Exports increased remarkably to non-EU countries (1.3 percent), while purchases from the EU countries grew 3.3 percent.

Over the last three months, seasonally-adjusted data, in comparison with the previous three months, showed an increase of 1.9 percent, while exports slightly decreased 0.1 percent.

Italy’s Trade Surplus Widens in September

Krisztina Györffy |
11/15/2013 9:25:50 AM