Indonesia Economy Expands 3.18% QoQ in Q3

Indonesia's GDP grew by 3.18 percent quarter-on-quarter in the three months to September of 2017, easing from a 4.0 percent growth in the previous period and missing market expectations of 3.23 percent. Government spending rose at a weaker pace while private consumption and investment increased firmly and net trade contributed positively to growth.

On the expenditure side, government spending increased by 5.29 percent, much slower than a 29.38 percent rise in the second quarter. Meantime, private consumption advanced 3.44 percent, much faster than a 1.31 percent gain in Q2 and fixed investment increased by 5.25 percent, stronger than a 2.95 percent increase in the June quarter. Exports went up 9.07 percent (-2.33 percent in Q2), while imports increased at a slower 8.99 percent (-1.86 percent in Q2).

On the production side, output grew at a slower pace for: Agriculture (4.25 percent from 8.49 percent in Q2); mining and quarrying (0.03 percent from 0.43 percent); manufacturing (2.17 percent from 2.76 percent); food and accommodation (1.23 percent from 1.46 percent); information and communication (1.40 percent from 5.67 percent); real estate (0.36 percent from 1.04 percent); and education (1.46 percent from 2.99 percent). Meanwhile, output increased at a faster rate for: Water and waste management (1.57 percent from 1.26 percent in Q2); construction (4.88 percent from 2.52 percent); wholesale and retail trade (3.0 percent from 2.86 percent); transportation and storage (5.21 percent from 3.0 percent); finance and insurance (3.27 percent from 1.96 percent); business service (2.59 percent from 2.52 percent); government administration (2.13 percent from 0.11 percent); healthcare (1.61 percent from 0.62 percent) and other services (2.71 percent from 2.56 percent). At the same time, output rebounded for electricity and gas (5.32 percent from -0.99 percent in Q2).

Year-on-year, the economy advanced 5.06 percent in the third quarter of 2017, following a 5.01 percent growth in the previous two periods while market expected a 5.13 percent expansion.

Indonesia Economy Expands 3.18% QoQ in Q3

Statistics Indonesia l Rida Husna |
11/6/2017 11:04:18 AM