Swiss Trade Surplus Widens in September

In September, Switzerland’s trade surplus widened to 2.49 billion Swiss francs, up from 1.56 billion reported in September of 2012. The improvement is explained by a drop in imports, while exports rose 5.3 percent on an annual base.

Shipments from Switzerland amounted to 16.92 billion Swiss francs. Exports of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, the biggest export category rose 5.7 percent, sales of machines and electronic devices grew 7.3 percent, up from a 2.6 percent decrease in August of 2013. Watch exports increased 7.2 percent, year-on-year.

Purchases amounted to 14.42 billion Swiss francs, which represents a 0.9 percent contraction, mainly due to the drop in imports of energy (-20.5 percent) and consumption goods (-2.7 percent). In contrast, intermediate goods grew 4.8 percent, and those of equipment goods were up by 5.3 percent.

Exports to Africa (24.4 percent), South America (9.3 percent), North America (3.8 percent) and Europe (2.2 percent) increased, while those from Asia registered a 1.3 percent decrease. Purchases from South America (-38.5 percent), Africa (-16 percent) and Europe (-2.3 percent) were down, while imports from North America grew by 9.3 percent. 

Swiss Trade Surplus Widens in September

Krisztina Györffy |
10/22/2013 9:50:42 AM