Russia Trade Surplus Lowest in 5 Years

Russia posted a USD 8.7 billion trade surplus in August of 2015, down from a USD 16.2 billion surplus a year earlier, as exports fell more than imports. It is the lowest surplus since August of 2010.

Year-on-year, exports plunged 39 percent to USD 25.3 billion (the lowest since June 2009) and imports shrank 34.3 percent to USD 16.6 billion, the lowest in 2 months. 

On a monthly basis, non-seasonally adjusted exports fell 8.5 percent and imports 2.2 percent.

The trade surplus with non-CIS countries continued to decline in August, (-50.1 percent year-on-year)  as U.S. and Western sanctions are still in force. Also, the trade surplus with CIS countries maintained a downward trend since February (-18.5 percent year-on-year), as the main partner countries Belarus and Kazakhstan experienced economic difficulties and Ukraine problem remained unsolved. 

Russia Trade Surplus Lowest in 5 Years

Yekaterina |
10/12/2015 4:01:56 PM