Irish Jobless Rate Drops to a Fresh 8-Year Low

Irish seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to 7.9 percent in September 2016 from a downwardly revised 8.2 percent in August and from 9.1 percent a year earlier. It remained at its lowest level since October 2008, as the number of unemployed continued to fall.

The seasonally adjusted number of persons unemployed was 172,900 in September 2016, down from 180,200 when compared to the August 2016 figure and a decrease of 24,000 when compared to September 2015. 

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for males was recorded to 9.2 percent, down from 9.4 percent in August and from 10.6 percent a year earlier; while for females it was recorded at 6.4 percent, down from 6.8 percent in the previous month and from 7.3 percent in September 2015. The number of males unemployed dropped by 3,500 to 109,400 from the previous month, while the number of females unemployed decreased by 3,800 to 63,500.

Youth unemployment rate fell to 15.9 percent, a decrease from 17 percent in the previous month.

Irish Jobless Rate Drops to a Fresh 8-Year Low

CSO | Joana Ferreira |
10/4/2016 10:13:23 AM