Mexico Jobless Rate Falls to 3.5% in August

The unemployment rate in Mexico declined to 3.5 percent in August of 2017 from 4 percent a year earlier but above market expectations of 3.4 percent. When adjusted for seasonality, the unemployment rate increased to 3.3 percent from 3.2 percent.

Compared to August of 2016, the jobless rate decreased for both men (3.3 percent from 3.8 percent) and women (4 percent from 4.3 percent). Among unemployed people, 16 percent had not completed secondary education and 84 percent had a higher education.

Those underemployed accounted for 6.8 percent of total employed, lower than 8.3 percent a year ago.

The participation rate fell to 59 percent from 60.2 percent in August of 2016.

Mexico Jobless Rate Falls to 3.5% in August

INEGI Luisa Carvalho |
9/26/2017 1:13:58 PM