Turkish Inflation Rate Rises to 10.68% in August

Consumer prices in Turkey increased 10.68 percent year-on-year in August of 2017, above a 9.79 percent rise in July and market expectations of 9.9 percent. Cost roe at a faster pace for: food and non-alcoholic beverages; housing, and transportation.

Year-on-year, prices rose at a faster pace for : food and non-alcoholic beverages (10.68 percent compared to 10.07 percent in July); transportation (17.38 percent compared to 15.24 percent); housing and utilities (7.76 percent compared to 7.50 percent); hotels, cafes and restaurants (11.07 percent compared to 10.84 percent); clothing and footwear (5.65 percent compared to 3.92 percent); furnishing and utilities ( 8.73 percent compared to 7.24 percent), and education ( 10.30 percent compared to 10.11 percent).
On the other hand, prices rose less for : alcoholic beverages and tobacco (10.40 percent compared to 14.14 percent); miscellaneous goods and services (10.89 percent compared to 10.91 percent); communication (1.77 percent compared to 1.80 percent); health (11.66 compared to 11.89 percent), and recreation and culture (11.19 percent compared to 11.22 percent).
On a monthly basis, consumer prices went up 0.52 percent, following a 0.15 percent rise in July and above market expectations of 0.15 percent rise. The highest increases were recorded for cost of transportation (2.05 percent), education (2.79 percent), and furnishing and household equipment (1.65 percent). Food prices fell 0.22 percent.

Turkish Statistical Institute l Chusnul Ch Manan | chusnul@tradingeconomics.com
9/5/2017 7:48:41 AM