New Zealand Unemployment Rate at 6.5% in Q2

The New Zealand labour market remained relatively steady in the June 2011 quarter. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stayed flat at 6.5 percent in the June 2011 quarter, while the number of people employed rose slightly.

The number of people unemployed was unchanged at 154,000 while the number of people employed grew by 1,000. Employment increased for women and decreased for men in the June 2011 quarter. Fulltime employment grew slightly – by 0.2 percent, while there was a small decrease in part-time employment (0.1 percent).

From the June 2010 quarter to the June 2011 quarter, employment grew by 43,000 people (2.0 percent), which is approximately the population of Nelson. Both male and female employment increased. Over the same period, the number of unemployed fell by 6,000 (3.7 percent), the largest annual percentage decrease since December 2007. The unemployment rate has decreased – in June 2010 it was 6.9 percent compared with 6.5 percent this quarter., Statistics New Zealand
8/5/2011 3:40:49 PM