Swiss Trade Surplus Widens in June

In June, Switzerland's trade surplus increased to 2.73 billion Swiss francs from 2.12 billion in May and 2.22 billion in June of 2012. This rise is driven by falling imports which decreased at a faster pace than exports.

In June, exports from Switzerland fell by a real 5.5 percent to 16.707 billion Swiss francs and imports fell 6.5 percent to 13.975 billion francs. Sales of machinery (-6.5 percent), watches (-3.1 percent) and metals (-3.1 percent) registered the steepest declines. In contrast, exports of jewellery (18.2 percent) and pharmaceuticals (3.0 percent) were up in an annual basis.

Purchases decreased in almost all categories, most notably for consumption goods (-7.3 percent), intermediate goods (-6.0 percent) and energy products (-4.4 percent). Imports of equipment goods registered the only yearly increase (+1.0 percent).

Exports to Europe were slightly up, by 0.9 percent, while shipments to South America (-7.5 percent), Asia (-6.6 percent) and North America (-1.1) receded. Purchases from North America were up by 5.1 percent but those from Asia (-9.0 percent) and Europe (-7.4 percent) registered sharp declines.

Swiss Trade Surplus Widens in June

Nuno Fontes |
7/18/2013 10:43:52 AM