South Korea Trade Surplus Hits Record High in June

South Korea recorded a USD11.60 billion trade surplus in June of 2016, compared to a USD9.98 billion surplus a year earlier. It was the largest trade surplus on record as imports dropped more than exports, preliminary data showed.

Year-on-year, exports fell by 2.7 percent to USD45.3 billion, following a 6.0 percent drop in May while market estimated a 8.3 percent decrease. It was the 18th straight month of decline and the smallest drop since June 2015.

Imports dropped  by 8.0 percent to USD33.70 billion, compared to  a 9.0 percent fall in the preceding month while market expected a 9.5 percent decline. It was the 21st straight month of drop.

In May 2016, trade surplus stood at a marginally revised USD7.0 billion.

The trade balance has been in consistent surpluses since February 2012.

South Korea Trade Surplus Hits Record High in June

Rida Husna |
7/1/2016 3:34:39 AM