Mexico Unemployment Rate Rises Slightly in May

Mexican jobless rate increased to 4.92 percent in May of 2014, up from 4.84 percent recorded in the previous month and reaching the highest rate in four months. A year earlier, the unemployment was recorded at 4.93 percent.

The jobless rate for men decreased to 4.77 percent in May of 2014 from 4.93 percent a year earlier, while for women it increased to 5.17 percent from 4.93 in May of 2013. 20.8 percent of total unemployed people had no secondary education.

95.08 percent of total economically active population was employed in May. However, 8.2 percent were underemployed (9.1 percent for males and 6.5 percent for females).

In May 2014, the participation rate stood at 58.68 percent, compared with 59.89 percent a year earlier. Among those who had a job, 68.1 percent worked for others; 22 percent were self-employed; 5.6 percent worked in a family business without any payroll and 4.3 percent were employers.

Mexico Unemployment Rate Rises Slightly in May

Isabel Felino |
6/23/2014 3:39:32 PM