Swiss Trade Surplus Falls on Lower Exports in May

In May, Switzerland's trade surplus fell 12 percent yoy to 22.24 billion Swiss francs as exports decreased, with a particularly sharp decline in watches, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Imports remained broadly stable.

Exports from Switzerland fell by a real 5.2 percent in May to 17.43 billion Swiss francs. Shipments of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, the country's biggest export category, fell 6.8 percent while machines and electronic devices were down 3.2 percent and watch exports dropped 4 percent.

Exports to Latin America and Asia increased (+11 percent and +1 percent respectively) while shipments to Africa (-17 percent), North America (-3 percent) and Europe (-1 percent) decreased. Sales to Germany fell 13 percent.

Imports were down 0.1 percent in May to 15.21 billion Swiss francs. Purchases of consumer goods (-5 percent) and energy (-9 percent) declined while imports of intermediate goods (+3 percent) and machinery (+6 percent) increased. 

Swiss Trade Surplus Falls on Lower Exports in May

Federal Customs Office | Nuno Fontes |
6/20/2013 9:40:58 AM