Canada's exports decreases 0.3% imports fells 2.2% in April

Canadian exports edged down 0.3% to $40.7 billion from a revised $40.8 billion in March. Imports fell 2.2% in April to $34.9 billion, driven by declines in all sectors except energy.

Canadian merchandise trade imports declined in April, while there was little change in exports. In March, both imports and exports had registered strong increases as transportation flows returned to normal following a rail traffic disruption in February. The decline in imports surpassed the drop in exports.
As a result, the trade surplus with the world expanded to $5.8 billion in April from a revised $5.1 billion in March. While the surplus with the United States edged down to $8.0 billion, the deficit with the rest of the world narrowed to $2.3 billion.
Canada's exports to countries other than the United States reached $10.1 billion, a 7.7% gain. Imports from those countries remained virtually unchanged at $12.4 billion. Exports to the United States fell 2.6% to $30.6 billion, while imports from Canada's principal trading partner decreased 3.3% to $22.6 billion.


Statistics Canada
6/18/2007 3:05:17 PM