India's Inflation Slows to 4.7% in May

India's annual rate of inflation, based on the Wholesale Price Index, stood at 4.70 percent (provisional) for the month of May as compared to 4.9 percent in the previous month, the lowest level in more than three years.

The index for 'Fuel and Power' declined by 1.3 percent despite higher price of electricity (+13 percent) as the price of other items such as coal (-10 percent), aviation turbine fuel (-6 percent) and petrol (-5 percent) declined.

The index for ‘Food Articles’ group rose by 1.5 percent due to higher price of poultry chicken and ragi (+5 percent each), fruits and vegetables (+4 percent), fish-marine (+3  percent) and rice (+2 percent). However, the price of tea (-5 percent) and coffee and maize (-2 percent each) declined.

The prices of 'Manufactured Goods' rose 0.3 percent and the index for ‘Beverages, Tobacco and Tobacco Products’ group increased by 0.4 percent due to higher price of soft drinks and carbonated water, bidi and beer (+1 percent each). The index for ‘Transport, Equipment and Parts’ group declined 0.2 percent due to lower price of bicycles (-3 percent) and motor vehicles (-1 percent).

The price index of ‘Basic Metals, Alloys and Metal Products’ declined 0.3 percent due to lower price of silver (-5 percent), gold and gold ornaments (-3 percent) and aluminium (-2 percent).


Ministry of Commerce and Industry | Nuno Fontes |
6/14/2013 10:28:35 AM