France Trade Deficit Widens In April

French trade deficit widened to EUR 5.54 billion in April 2017 from a downwardly revised EUR 4.78 billion in March but below market expectations of a EUR 6.0 billion gap. Exports fell 3.1 percent month-on-month to EUR 38.3 billion while imports decreased at a slower 1.0 percent to EUR 43.8 billion.

In April, sales went down for: aerospace industry products (-6.2 percent), pharmaceuticals (-1.4 percent), ships, train, bikes (-12.5 percent), perfumes, cosmetics, cleaning products (-5.5 percent), electrical and household equipments (-4.9 percent), various minerals (-10.6 percent), jewelry, toys, furniture (-3.6 percent), industrial and agriculture machinery (-1.6 percent), agriculture (-0.8 percent), automotive products (-3.9 percent), refined oil (-2.3 percent), wood, paper and cardboard (-0.3 percent). In contrast, outbound shipments went up for: and works of art, technical documentation publishing produtcs (28.5 percent), metallurgical and metal products (0.5 percent), chemicals (0.6 percent), natural gas, extractive industries, electricity (0.4 percent), textiles, leather (0.2 percent).
Exports decreased to Asia (-6.1 percent), mainly to Taiwan (-75.3 percent), Kazakhstan (-20.6 percent), and China and Hong Kong (-10.6 percent); America (-6.9 percent), mainly Brazil (-38.7 percent) and the US (-1.6 percent); EU countries (-2.4 percent), of which Italy (-12 percent); Africa (-1.5 percent); and the Middle East (-9.3 percent).
Imports fell for: aerospace industry (-1.8 percent), jewelry, toys, furniture (-3.7 percent), metallurgical and metal products (-0.4 percent), ships, trains, bikes (-7.3 percent); rubber products, plastics, various minerals (-2.4 percent), textiles, leather (-1.6 percent), automotive products (-0.1 percent), chemicals (-1.0 percent); wood, paper, cardboard (-1.8 percent), industrial and agricultural machinery (-5.0 percent), works of arts, technical documentation, publishing products (-5.4 percent), refined oil (-7.1 percent), and perfumes, cosmetics, cleaning products (-3.4 percent). In contrast, outbound shipments rose for : pharmaceuticals (4.1 percent), natural hydrocarbons (3.4 percent); electrical and household equipments (0.3 percent).
Imports fell from America (-7.5 percent), mainly from Brazil (-15.1 percent) and the US (-13.7 percent). By contrast, imports rose from Africa (10.5 percent), the Middle East (3.8 percent), Asia (0.4 percent) and the EU (0.3 percent).

Ministère de l'Économie et des Finances l Chusnul Ch Manan |
6/8/2017 11:10:50 AM