French Trade Deficit Narrows 19% in April

French trade gap decreased to € 3.39 billion in April from € 4.87 billion in March, due to a 2.9 percent fall in imports, following last month’s surge.

Exports decreased slightly by 0.73 percent from March to April and reached € 35.9 billion. Lower sales were recorded for refined petroleum products, automobiles, metals, chemicals and jewelry. Shipments of war materials also slowed and those of pharmaceuticals crushed. In contrast, exports of industrial machinery and ships increased. 

Imports decreased to € 39.9 million in April due to lower purchases of pharmaceutical products, following a surge in March. Imports of uranium, copper, electronic and mechanic equipment also decreased during the month while energy purchases increased slightly.

Year-on-year, exports fell 6.4 percent and imports shrank 5.5 percent.

French Trade Deficit Narrows 19% in April

Joana Taborda |
6/6/2014 11:18:14 AM