Australia Trade Surplus Narrows in April

In April of 2013, Australia recorded a trade surplus of $28 million, a decrease of $527 million (95 percent) on the surplus in March 2013, according to data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Exports of goods and services credits fell $302m (-1 percent) to $25,419m compared with the previous month. Non–rural goods fell $463m (-3 percent) and net exports of goods under merchanting fell $7m (-37 percent). Non–monetary gold rose $138m (+12 percent) and rural goods rose $64m (+2 percent). Services credits fell $34m (-1 percent).

Imports of goods and services debits rose $225m (+1 percent) to $25,391m. Capital goods rose $733m (+16 percent) and non–monetary gold rose $67m (+18 percent). Intermediate and other merchandise goods fell $354m (-4 percent) and consumption goods fell $327m (-6 percent). Services debits rose $107m (+2 percent).

Exports of iron ore lump rose $158m (+11 percent), hard coking coal was up $100m (+9 percent) and thermal coal increased $156m (+14 percent). There was a drop in the exports iron ore fines (-2 percent), semi–soft coal (-18 percent), cereal grains and cereal preparations (-7 percent) and other mineral fuels (-9 percent).

Imports of civil aircraft and confidentialised items increased $303m (+167 percent), capital goods was up 29 percent and industrial transport equipment rose 15 percent. The biggest drop in imports came from consumption goods (-8 percent) non-industrial transport equipment (-6 percent) and food and beverages (-5 percent).

Australia Trade Surplus Narrows in April

Australian Bureau of Statistics | Duarte Ricardo |
6/6/2013 10:04:00 AM