Japan Jobless Rate Steady at 2.5% for 3rd Month

The unemployment rate in Japan stood at 2.5% in April 2018, the same as in the prior two months and matching market estimates. Also, the jobs-to-applicants ratio was unchanged from the previous month at 1.59 while markets expected 1.6.

Compared to the preceding month, there were 1.72 million unemployed persons in April, 10 thousand less than in March. Employment decreased by 10 thousand to 66.93 million, after an increase of 480 thousand in a month earlier. The labour force dropped by 50 thousand to 68.62 million while those detached from the labour force went up 60 thousand to 42.35 million.

Among people aged 15 to 24 years old, the jobless rate held steady at 3.8 in April.

A year earlier, unemployment was higher at 2.8 percent.

Japan Jobless Rate Steady at 2.5% for 3rd Month

Statistics Japan l Rida | rida@tradingeconomics.com
5/29/2018 4:38:47 AM