Turkey Jobless Rate Declines to 10.6% in February

The unemployment rate in Turkey fell to 10.6 percent in February of 2018 from 12.6 percent a year earlier. The non-agricultural jobless rate also decreased to 12.5 percent from 14.8 percent. Among youth, the rate dropped to 19 percent from 23.3 percent.

The number of unemployed went down to 3.354 million from 3.9 million; employment rose to 28.166 million from 26.956 million; and those detached from the labour force went up to 28.895 million from 28.172 million. The participation rate increased to 52.2 percent from 51.8 percent and the employment rate to 46.6 percent from 45.3 percent. 

The non-farm sector added 1.26 million jobs, namely in construction and services while the farm sector lost 53 thousand jobs. 7 percent of employed persons worked in construction, 17.7 percent in agriculture, 20 percent in industry, 7 percent in construction and 55.3 percent in services.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the unemployment rate was 9.8 percent, the same as in the previous month.

Turkey Jobless Rate Declines to 10.6% in February

Turkstat | Joana Taborda | joana.taborda@tradingeconomics.com
5/15/2018 7:31:28 AM