Spain Jobless Rate Rises to 16.74% in Q1

The unemployment rate in Spain increased to 16.74 percent in the first three months of 2018 from a 16.55 percent in the previous period and above market expectations of 16.20 percent. Among regions, Extremadura (25.94 percent), Andalucía (24.74 percent) and Castilla-La Mancha (20.68 percent) recorded the highest jobless rates while Navarra (10.54 percent), País Vasco (10.76 percent) and La Rioja (11.03 percent) the lowest. In Catalonia, the unemployment rate was 12.19 percent and in Madrid 13.40 percent.

Considering the whole country, the number of jobless people went up by 29.4 thousand to 3.796 million. The biggest rises in unemployment were in Illes Balears (+28.0 thousand), Andalucía (+15.1 thousand) and Murcia (+9.1 thousand) while decreases were seen mainly in Catalonia (-20.6 thousand), Canarias (-18.0 thousand) and Madrid (-10.3 thousand).

The number of employed dropped by 124.1 thousand to 18.874 million. Job losses were seen in services (-110.5 thousand) and industry (-34.9 thousand). On the other hand, jobs increased in agriculture (+13.1 thousand) and construction (+8.2 thousand). By region, the largest declines were observed in Valencia (-38.2 thousand, Illes Balears (-31.6 thousand) and Castilla La-Mancha (-21.9 thousand) while the largest gains were seen in Madrid (+21.9 thousand), and Canarias (+7.6 thousand). Employment fell by 155.2 thousand to 15.764 million in the private sector but edged up by 31.0 thousand to 3.106 million in the public. 

The number of active people went down by 94.7 thousand to 22.670 million, bringing the labour force participation rate down to 58.46 percent.

Spain Jobless Rate Rises to 16.74% in Q1

INE | Stefanie Moya |
4/26/2018 8:10:57 AM