Brazil's Unemployment Rate Up To 5.7% In March

The unemployment rate was estimated at 5.7%, the lowest rate for March since the beginning of the series (March 2002), and it did not change in relation to the results of February (5.6%). In comparison to March 2012 (6.2%), the rate contracted 0.5 percentage points.
IBGE | Duarte Ricardo | 4/25/2013 1:59:54 PM

The unemployed population (1.4 million people) was stable in relation to the previous month and decreased 8.5% (127 thousand people) in relation to March last year. 

The employed population (23.0 million) remained stable in comparison to February.  Contrasting with February 2012, there was an increase of 1.2%, which meant a rise of 276 thousand employed persons within 12 months.

The number of workers with a formal contract in the private sector (11.4 million) did not record change in relation to February. In the annual comparison, there was an increase of 2.8%, accounting for additional 309 thousand jobs with a formal contract in a year.

The real average income usually earned by the employed (R$ 1,855.40) held steady in relation to February. Against March last year, the employed persons’ purchasing power grew 0.6%.

The volume of real income usually earned of the employed (R$ 42.8 billion) decreased by 0.6% in relation to February. Compared with March 2012, the volume grew 1.6%.

The volume of real actual income of the employed (R$ 42.6 billion), estimated in February 2013, changed -0.5% in the month and 2.7 % in the period of a year.