Japan Reports Trade Deficit in March

Japan posted a trade deficit of 364 billion yen in March, falling into the red for the eighth consecutive month.
contact@tradingeconomics.com 4/18/2013 4:14:06 AM

Exports rose 1.1 percent yoy to 6.271 trillion yen, after dipping 2.9 percent in the previous month.

Exports to China dipped 2.5 percent yoy to 1108 billion yen, while exports to all of Asia rose 0.3 percent yoy. Exports to the United States grew 7.0 percent yoy to 1.096 trillion yen, while exports to the debt-ridden European Union declined 4.7 percent yoy to 586 billion yen.

Imports rose 5.5 percent yoy to 6.633 trillion yen.

Imports from Asia grew 3.8 percent yoy to 2.8 trillion yen. Imports from China alone gained 1.0 yoy percent. Imports from the United States eased 0.4 percent on year to 535 billion yen, while imports from the European Union jumped 11.5 percent to 645 billion yen.

Japan Reports Trade Deficit in March